Ground Rent Specialists

We are a London based property investment company that specialise in buying freehold ground rents across the U.K. We have a large portfolio of residential and commercial ground rents and are always looking to add to these. We welcome enquiries from individuals, property companies and large institutions.

Whilst we prefer to buy large portfolios of properties we will consider small parcels of ground rents particularly if the unexpired term of the leases are under 80 years. If you have a property to sell please give us a call and we can tell you immediately if your property is of interest to us. We are particularly keen to buy ground rent reversions (properties with leases that are under 80 years) anywhere in London.

Ground Rent Management

Many of our properties have been acquired with the management and insurance being in favor of the landlord. We do prefer this arrangement as we have our own management company to deal with the day to day management of our blocks. We also prefer to insure our own blocks. We will consider properties where there is no management or insurance so please send them over to us if you think it might be of interest. We can get back to you immediately with an answer.

If your block is in need of major works and you don’t want to get invloved in the organisation of these works and the headaches that can sometimes occur when collecting monies from the lessees we may be able to purchase your block with a view to carrying out these works ourselves. We have cash funds available and can complete any sale within a couple of days if necessary.

Quick Completions | Section 5 Notices

We are in a position to complete any sale immediately as we are not reliant on any financial institutions for funding. In the current climate we believe this gives us a major advantage over our companies that are looking to fund the purchase of large ground rent portfolios.

Obviously we can only proceed to an immediate if sellers are in a position to sell to us. In order for a sale to take place section 5 notices will need to have been served and the 2 month period will need to have elapsed with the lessees not opting to exercise their right to buy. This being the case we can proceed without any delays.

Please send us your enquiry and we will get back to you immediately

  • Short Leases

    Selling a flat with a short lease? We can help you if you have ground rents with leases of any length.

  • 99 Year Leases

    Ground rents with 99 year leases always considered. Call for an offer on your ground rent portfolio

  • Management

    Ground rents wanted with or without management and insurance. We buy all types of ground rents!



Instant Offers

As soon as you send the details over to us we can prepare an offer for you. In most case this can happen fairly quickly. We look forward to hearing from you.. more