Flats Short Leases

Short Leases Wanted

Are you selling a short lease flat or any property that is subject to a short lease? If the answer is yes we would love to hear from you. We are always in the marker for these types of investments and can also offer you free advice.


Selling freehold ground rents where the leases have an unexpired term of under 80 years is a different proposition to selling with 999 year leases. The value of the ground rents will be greatly increases because the lessee will have to pay a sum of money to have the lease extended. The figure that they have to pay will be suggested by the landlord but ultimately may have to be set by the LVT.

The LVT is an independent body that deals with legal disputes between the landlord and tenant and covers lease extensions and other financial disputes to cover service charge disputes and management disputes. It is a much preferred option to not have to go down this route as the lessee will be liable to pay ALL of the costs involved if they have brought about the claim because they are unhappy with the figures put forward by the landlord.

Flats With Short Leases Of Under 50 Years Wanted

We also would like to hear from you if you are looking to sell a flat where the leases has an unexpired term of under 50 years particularly in the London area. We have a portfolio of residential investments across London and are always looking to add to this. We operate on the basis that we will purchase your property without applying for a lease extension. Even if your landlord and said that he wants way beyond what the lease extension is worth we may still buy your property.

Immediate Completions If Necessary

We can buy your flat immediately leaving you free to move on without having to deal with an unreasonable landlord. We can complete any sale very quickly. You also don’t have to worry about section 5 notices as you will be selling the leasehold interest and not the freehold interest. We have a lot of experience in buying these types of short leases and will be happy to discuss any proposition with you over the phone.


  • call us with the details of your ground rent investment. We will then make you an offer
  • Once a sale has been agreed we will exchange solicitors details and commence the legal work
  • As soon as the solicitors have carried out the legal work we can agree completion date.
  • We may be able to complete immediately in many instances



Flats Short Leases

Send details of your short lease flats over to us and we can get back to you with an immeduate offer. We can also tell you the best way to proceed with the sale.. more